Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Moo Moo's Story Part III - Moorassic Theme Collectible Nail Polish Inspired by Needle Felting

A fun time is going to begin this 4 April 2016 with Moo Moo's Story Part III featuring Moorassic theme. 

Please read on..

Do you still remember the last time when Moo Moo Sherbet was reading the ancient spellbook to perform her magic? Suddenly, the magical flower (Moo Spell) disappeared during spell casting and something big turned up from the magic pot. Moo Moo Sherbet stopped there and stared at the pot and the "thing". It was huge and really really huge. All she could hear was -- RAWR!

That was a giant T-Rex from pre-historic land. Moo Moo Sherbet carefully approached him and smelled something - oops! It's poo poo from T-Rex. That actually smelled good.

 Moo Moo Sherbet offered him aromatic dried rose buds as she was concerned if T-Rex was missing home. T-Rex noticed a monster hiding behind the tree and thought he was cute so he approached him with Moo Moo Sherbet together. Strange thing happened! They became good friends eventually - Viva Forever!

[The End]

I hope you enjoy reading. 

Disclaimer: The cute T-Rex was designed and created using needle felting technique by Maria from Denmark. Her instagram account is @froekenfilt and you could find her etsy store here for her amazing work too. 
Now...let's visit the polish collection inspired by this story

A turquoise holo with purple-blue-red-orange color-shifting flakies.

Dino Poo
A black base with gold holo dust, sterling silver shimmer and color-shifting tiny flakies.

Rosy Aroma

 Violet crelly with turquoise shimmer.

Exotic Foliage

Olive crelly with violet shimmer.

Viva Forever

A bright blue jelly with pink shimmer.

Pre-Order Information:

These colors are now listed individually exclusively on our etsy store with special price since 4 April 2016. 

Turnaround time is about 5 days to 1 week, i will definitely work as fast as i can to get your order shipped. 

Pre-order Price (excludes shipping):
RAWR! @ SGD16.50 (UP: SGD18)

Dino Poo @ SGD14.50 (UP: SGD16)  
Rosy Aroma @ SGD14.50 (UP: SGD16) 
Exotic Foliage @ SGD14.50 (UP: SGD16)  
Viva Forever @ SGD14.50 (UP: SGD16)
As usual, every moo moo polish will be packed with a pretty sparkly dot organza bag and a color matching felted ball (moo ball - i spend about 3-5 minutes just to make one ball on average).


Friday, January 15, 2016

Moo Moo Chérie & Duo Paris Est Un Enchantement For Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's day is coming really soon and here we are to present to you our lovely duo inspired by Moo Moo Chérie from her trip.

Duo Paris Est Un Enchantement
(English: Enchanting Paris Duo)


This duo is named in French and inspired by Moo Moo Chérie (pronounced as "share-ree" in French, it means sweetheart or darling). She brought her little camera with her to Paris, France and visited the Eiffel Tower. She said it was her unforgettable journey to visit this romantic city, so we created this Valentine's themed duo for her.

Moment Romantique (English: Romantic Moment)
A greyish champagne holo with gold shift and real silver shimmer.

 Des Roses Pour Toi (English: Roses For You)
A baby rose holo with tiny pink to turquoise flakies.

To see the swatches & read reviews from bloggers, we have compiled a list below for your reference;

more coming soon..

The duo is available in store --> CLICK HERE TO SHOP

If you are interested to adopt Moo Moo Chérie, she is available from OOAK Collectible Set with the polish duo. ONLY 1 SET IS AVAILABLE. 

She is a great gift for your loved one.